About Me

Oh my gosh this is so overdue! I'm a 28 year old who loves travel, is a foodie and has decided to blog about my current trip to Japan, New Zealand and Australia and beyond. New Zealand being the main aspect this time!  This is my second blog of travels and i decided to do this one with a bit more style, perhaps even expand into other aspects of my life and join the hugely growing blogging world! I'm currently in New Zealand but having taken a while to start this, there may be some back dating to trips id like to share from earlier this year... This blog is by no means perfect, a work in progress as i am still learning the in's and out's, so please bear with but i hope you enjoy, if you do decide to read on! Wondering about the blog title? It combines my passions- the dream of which i chase to have my own Cafe based on all things travel, food and coffee! Someday i will track this dream down and name it so...

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