Thursday, 8 January 2015

Tongariro Crossing, Taupo

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is heralded the best one day trek in the country. It is also said by some to be amongst one of the best single day treks in the world. The 19.4 km takes you across various types of active volcanic terrain, it was tough but awesome! An early start was required which was 6.30am for us to get to the transfer point from the remote camp site we had camped in overnight. We weren't entirely sure where we were going and had to find the transfer car park so by the time we were on the move it was 9.30am.  It started off flat for about the first 4km (great!) and then it gets to the start of the steep trek up to the highest point. Km's of steps, slopes, rocky paths, all in the sweltering sunshine! The views of the turquoise blue pools once you get to the highest point are amazing and nothing like you've seen before. To get down to the pools involved a steep downhill trek and then it flattened out a bit! The downhill came not long after for about the last 8km or so. Without a doubt one of the best things i have done. We completed it in just over 6 hours which going by other peoples times, is pretty good!

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